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Nursery & Primary Teacher Training (NTT)
Recognized Diploma Valid for Govt. Jobs

Duration : One Years ( NTT)
Eligibility : Min: 10+2
Scheme : Develop Professional Attitude And Skill


The aims of Nursery Teacher Training Programme is to prepare Trainee Students to be effective and efficient preprimary / Primary Schools Teachers. The programme helps them in understanding the principles and processes of various aspects of child's growth and guide them to plan educational activities accordingly. It also enables them to understand the importance of audio – visual technology in class – room interaction along with its effective use.

This Program creates awareness about the role of parents and community in education of pre-school and early primary school children, help them to understand the phenomenon of group dynamism and its influence on the personality of the child and on his educational process. The institute has well equipped computer laboratory, efficient and dedicated faculty support to enable the trainees to explore their own possibilities and achieve the best out of life.

Detail Curriculum

NTT-011 Child Development 2
NTT-012 Principle of Education 2
NTT-013 Food & Nutrition 2
NTT-014 School Organization 2
NTT-015 Method of Teaching 2
NTT-016 Practical-Art & Craft 2
NTT-017 Practical-Performing Art 2

Co-Curricular Activities

NTT (Nursery Teacher Training Prog) Recognized Diploma Program From KSOU
Along with govt. recognized diploma the student will get additional certificate in the following program:

  • Curriculum Designing
  • Computer basic
  • English Speaking & Creative Writing

Career Opportunities - Core Job And Allied Fields

  • Nursery and Primary School Teachers
  • Activity coordinator
  • C urriculum designer (after considerable exp. In teaching)
  • Well equipped to start one’s own Preparatory School

Montessori / Play School Training

Duration : 6 Months (4 days a week)
Eligibility : +2 / Graduation through Correspondence/ House Wives/ Young Ladies
Scheme: Certificate Course
• To groom trainees to handle PLAY SCHOOL children and aid their developmental needs.
• To involve oneself in meaningful and enduring profession which aims to craft future.


PLAY SCHOOLS in recent past have proved its subsistence in a very significant way. Primarily thought to be as a formal place where children come together for some time to enjoy, is now considered an important system of learning through play at early stages of child’s growing up years. It has unquestionably served as a place where tiny, fragile young minds are nurtured and groomed to participate in bigger event of life.

6 months training programme will help a trainee to:

  • Learn and understand the growth & developmental needs of a 2 ½ yr. old child.
  • Understand Techniques, Methods & Strategies necessary to Creating Learning Environment.
  • Plan activities as per requirements of learning.
  • Understand and Effectively use Teaching Aids.
  • Understand relationship between Technology and Education in Modern System.
  • Groom one’s own Personality.
  • Utilize time effectively and productively.

Additional Advantage of This Training

This training programme will also serve as a base to pursue any degree programme in educational field. Practical knowledge ( work experience) will help in understanding:

  • B.Ed programme - its content and importance. A candidate will successfully clear exams without fear or hesitation.
  • After having B.Ed degree the candidate will be confident to face the real class – room situation.
  • Thorough knowledge of Curriculum and its importance.
  • Formation of Mind Set.

Subjects Offered:

  • Child Development
  • Montessori Set up/ Sensorial
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Programme planning
  • Educational Technology
  • Computer Awareness (MS Word, PPT, Interner)
  • Craft

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